1 John 2:18-25

“Children, it is the last hour…” v18a

This morning started off with a young man nearly sitting on my food rather than asking me to move it, with a driver pulling right in front of me despite my presence in the MIDDLE of the driveway on the sidewalk, and with the gardener asking me to move so he could use the very noisy blower where I sitting to do lectio. All in all, it was a fairly grouchy morning. And, yes, I succumbed.

Then I read vv18-25 and I must ask myself, if it is the last hour, if those opposed to Christ surround us, then do I really have time for an inconvenience-induced grouchy attitude? Probably not.

So, now that I have grown a grouchy attitude, what do I do with it? All I can do is put it down, continue putting it down, and fill up on soul-repair materials (even though I do not feel like doing so). I cannot stop feeling how I feel; it does not work that way. Rather, I must discern, confess the sinful attitude, bear the irritation, and keep walking.

There is no easy solution. There is just walking with God as I move on from here to where I need to be.


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