THE BOTTOM LINE (hint: it's not you)


“…purpose and grace, one which was given to us in the Anointed One Jesus before eternal time, and which was made plain now through our Savior the Anointed One Jesus.”
2 Timothy 1:9d-10a lks

From before the beginning, it is all about Jesus. Right now—today—it is all about Jesus. He is the bottom line. How does Paul arrive there?

First, Paul offers a thankful reminder of Timothy’s practice and heritage of trust in God (vv.3-5). Second, he reminds Timothy to act according to his ordination (vv.6-7). Third, he gets practical:

  • Timothy should not be ashamed (v.8). Paul is in jail and about to die and he is not ashamed (v.12)
  • Rather, Timothy should suffer with the people of God (v.8). Paul suffers (v.12).
  • Jesus-followers are called to a holy calling (v.9). Paul is appointed as a public preacher, sent messenger, and teacher (v.11).
  • Jesus-followers are called according to God’s purpose and grace (v.9). Paul is appointed for the Good News (v.10).
  • The purpose and grace are in Jesus and through Jesus (v.9).

Circumstances are what they are. They affect our feelings and shape our specific steps. But they do not determine our calling. Jesus does that.

Enemies are what they are. They cause us trouble and possibly cause harm. But they should not stop us from being who we are and doing what we are called to do.

We who trust Jesus have been given a holy calling that corresponds to God’s purpose and grace. We participate in a legacy of faith that stretches back for centuries and forward to the final, complete revealing of the reign of God. We know who we are. We are God’s people and we are here to announce that the reign of God is breaking in.

God, we trust you, we follow Jesus, and we will be and will become who you called us to be in and through Jesus.

2 Timothy 1:3-12


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