Little children, let us not love by word or by tongue,
but by work and by truth.

1 John 3:18 lks

I must say, I am not at all sure that anyone has ever been angered because my faith community is filled with loving people.

What sort of love is this that so distinguishes us from the world system? What sort of love is this that so convicts and offends? What is it about this love that stirs the world system to hatred? Whatever sort is may be, it is surely evident to the world.

It is also evident to us, to Christ-followers. In fact, it is by this love that we know we have migrated from death to life. This love is our evidence.

What sort of love is this? Christ practiced this love when he laid down his life on our behalf. We—Christ-followers—are obligated to practice this same love to our brothers and sisters. What sort of love is this? This love does good and speaks truth. It is love that is done, not love that is felt.

It is love that is learned as we learn Jesus together. It cannot be learned alone. It cannot be practiced alone. It cannot be worked up. It may not be felt at all. It is practiced love, a love done by work and by truth. It is a love done by considering other’s needs as more important than our own needs.

God, we think of our own things too much. We desire to learn you together. Teach us your ways as we gather.

1 John 3:11-18


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  1. Great stuff. Thanks for posting. Challenging me again. I need it :-)

    We are overjoyed to be saved by grace and not by works, but we are not so keen that our works must then follow us and they are a testimony that we are truly saved. If love expressed through works is an offense to us then we are guilty of mis-handling grace.

    My works cannot save me, but, having received grace, if I am not then motivated to good works then am I truly saved? Really. Am I? What other indicator is there that I have received His grace?

    I want more works to follow me as I receive more grace.