“…'The Lord knows the ones who are his,’
‘Let him depart from lack of goodness,
each one who names the name of the Lord.’”
2 Timothy 2:19 spr

2 Timothy 2:14-19

There are three commands in this section:
  • Remind them about Jesus (v.14; 2:8-13).
  • Work hard to be a correct interpreter (v.15).
  • Avoid irreligious, foolish discussions (vv.16-19).

How does verse 19 fit in? First, let us back up a bit. If you are working hard to understand Scripture correctly, then you have little time for foolish discussions AND you see through them. If you intentionally and continually are reminding others about the true Jesus, then you have no time for foolish controversies. The command to avoid such controversies stands on a solid foundation with two related purposes. First, God’s solid foundation reminds us that God knows his own. It is not our job to play junior Holy Spirit. Second, his foundation also reminds us to flee the ungodliness these false teachers preach.

So, let us bottom line it:
  • Keep proclaiming Jesus.
  • Make sure you are proclaiming the actual Jesus.
  • Do not get tangled up in efforts to protect Jesus. He can take care of himself. You focus on speaking the truth accurately, clearly, and forcefully.

God, I want always to proclaim Jesus accurately, clearly, and forcefully. Surround me with those who will help me do that. Thank you for equipping me and challenging me to speak up.


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