If every moment of life IS worship, then I must ask:
  • Am I worshiping the One who is worthy of worship?
  • Am I worshiping this One according to the truth?
  • How well am I being and doing this truth as I worship?
  • When coming together with other Christians how well am I encouraging their being and doing?

I am a God-worshiper. I am a Christ-follower. These are not day-by-day decisions; they are identity statements. The decisions are how and how well: How will I worship and follow? How well will I worship and follow?

Intellectual and experiential knowledge provide the ground and supply for these decisions. Affective and cognitive thought and practical action shape my worship and following. The axiom applies: garbage-in, garbage-out. I can only know and do what I care about and understand. An additional axiom may also apply: junk processing produces junk data. In other words, there are affective, cognitive, and practical skills involved in processing input into knowledge and life.

Worship is whole life. It involves all our moments, all our feeling, all our thinking, and all our doing.

Question to ponder: If this is so, then what is the purpose of our gatherings?


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