Paul's Idea of Community
by Robert Banks
256 pages
Hendrickson Publishers; Revised edition (November 1, 1994)

Paul’s understanding of community actualizes God’s intention for his church and ought to be translated into church practice.

  • Chapter 10 explains the orderly, Spirit-led functioning of the charisma for the intellectual, social, and unconscious edification of the community.
  • Chapters 11, 12, and 13 lay out Paul’s understanding of diversity-in-unity with regard to race, class, gender, and community status.
  • Chapter 14 explains Paul’s understanding of participation; the variations due to maturity level, charisma, and contribution; and the notion of recognition for work rather than status.
  • Chapter 15 shows how Paul applied his understanding of diversity, participation, and work to the structure and function of his team.
  • Chapter 16 compares the nature and purpose of Paul’s mission to the nature and purpose of his churches, and discusses the mutual interdependence of the two.
  • The author concludes that Paul’s idea of community is nothing less than the gospel in corporate form.

Chapters 1-9


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