Numbers 29:1-6
John 3:16-21
Hebrews 9:11-14

We cast our pocket lint into the moving water as a symbol of our casting off sin. But, in truth, we still remember our sin and the soul stain remains. Water cannot remove sin’s stain. Symbols cannot remove sin’s stain. The sacrifices commanded in Torah cannot remove sin.

Messiah’s blood, offered by his own hand in the heavenly tabernacle, is the only thing that can remove sin’s stain. Such an eternal stain must be cleansed with eternal blood. Messiah Jesus, the unique Son of God, is the one and only Savior. Without him, all our works, as good as they may be, are still stained with an eternal stain. On our own, everything we offer is wholly insufficient. When we trust Jesus rather than trusting ourselves, everything we offer is cleansed. Mind you, some of our offerings will be quite a bit smaller once they are cleansed. The truth remains: through Jesus, who is wholly sufficient, God accepts our meager offerings as wholly sufficient.

God, thank you that even my mess is redeemed in your care.


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