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Who we are in the four dimensions of regular life is who we are in the multiple dimensions of virtual life. Even if we try to hide ourselves and use aliases or become ghost writers, something of ourselves leaks through. Gracefulness, collegiality, mutuality, clarity, honesty, and authenticity reveal online when they exist offline. A virtuous person offline (having temperance, prudence, courage, justice, faith, hope, and love) will be a virtuous person online.

So, shall we put volition to our intention? Shall we travel together, walking in the world (while not of it) arm in arm (whether physical or virtual) and, being the people of God by faith, clarify to a watching world the sort of humanity God intends?

The intention is present. Now to put method, process, and action to the deed.


  1. Good to see you at Biola University! Thanks for the reflections here. The comment about the 7 virtues (4 classic and 3 Christian) that JMR referred to went by so quickly that I didn't quite catch it at the time so I'm glad you did and digested it nicely in this post.

    The virtual world of the New Media in the final analysis still falls under the real world command of Jesus to love your neighbor. In the past, our neighbor was the person next door, the co-worker, family, friends and people we meet incidentally. Now, we can add to our neighborhood, people we know in cyberspace. All the moral demands of our faith still apply.

    Take care and be well!

  2. One of the things I love about GodBlogCon is the opportunity to "put flesh" on people I only know in those ethereal ones and zeros.

    The conference certainly provided ample thought fodder. I plan to digest it over the coming weeks (squished in between overly-ample homework).

    Go with God.