Update 6/18/09: Links to Joe Carter and his post updated.

Update: Joe Carter posted this again. I'm pleased to report that I've kept with it. It has not been easy, especially when you reach the 7th and 14th reads--there a bit of a hump there, I've noticed. I started small with 2 John, moving on to Amos (as teaching prep) and Matthew (as learning prep). Then in February 2007, I started at the beginning, in Genesis. I'll be starting Deuteronomy tomorrow.

So, once again I issue the challenge.

[originally posted Nov 2006]
Not that I don't have enough on my plate, but Joe Carter's How to Change Your Mind is too good to pass up. I've read this before (somewhere) and, unfortunately fell into the category of reader Joe describes as, "A smaller number will consider the advice intriguing, my assertion only a slight exaggeration, and will also never implement the method."

I'm changing this today and, due to the decision to follow Joe's advice to start small, it should not add excessive weight to my already burdened schedule. I'll be reading 2 John in the ESV. At 13 verses, it should provide a good, low-stress training opportunity.

I challenge you to join me.


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  1. I like this idea. I think I will accept your challenge and start with Haggai. Keep me accountable.

  2. Sound good. And for your info, Haggai is the sixth shortest--a good place to start the process.

    Also, if you've not done it, read Joe's post. His tips are excellent.

  3. I did indeed read Joe's post. And the long string of responses.