"By what authority are you doing these things, and who gave you this authority?" v23

Matthew 21:23-27

  • The elders and chief priests saw Jesus’ teaching as an exercise of authority.
  • Jesus’ response assumed his authority and did not attempt any proof.

We who are shepherds are also sheep,
privileged to use the Shepherd’s staff.

Teaching is clearly an exercising of authority. Jesus knew this. His detractors knew this. The crowds knew this. His disciples knew this.

Jesus rightfully exercised the Father’s authority in his teaching. He had no need to prove this. His detractors wanted him to, but he refused, putting the ball back in their equivocating court. He knew he had his Father’s authority. He taught that way.

If I have Jesus’ authority—through study, trust, and call—then I also should teach this way.

“This way” is with authority AND pointing clearly to the source of that authority: Jesus and HIS Word.


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