We've started asking this in the college ministry at Torrance First Baptist.



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  1. That is a great question, Laura!

  2. If we are on a mission out there then we better be equipping them to do it in here.

  3. ah yes, but how...that is the question. easily asked, yet complicated to answer...

  4. Thoughts on equipping in here for mission out there:

    Here in The Netherlands we are just coming to the end of the election campaign for the parliamentary election that takes place tomorrow. This evening we had the final televised debates among the leaders of the political parties. In two rounds, one for the six small parties and one for the six large parties. (Serious democracy here, lots of parties to choose from, not just an "us or them" choice.)

    It was very apparent that the leaders of the six larger parties are very competent in communicating the key points in their party's programme. And they know the key points that they are challenging in the programmes of the other parties. It's the same for those going out on mission - they need to know the programme and be able to communicate it.

    BUT, that is not really the big issue. There are two big issues in the programme strategy (you can see I have been learning from the politicians - keep it simple, two points, no more).

    1. God is leading the mission. He is leading us on the mission by having put His Spirit in us. (I always find that amazing.) So we need to know how to be led by the Spirit. In here we can exercise experiencing that leading so out there we are more sure of how to follow.

    2. Actually should be the first point, the mission is driven by love. We are going on the mission driven by love and bringing love. Inside we can practise that too, so we actually do it better outside.

  5. Andrew, great thoughts. I'll be using your comments at a college leadership lunch in a few weeks.

    I am becoming more and more convinced that as important as it is to know the program, knowing how to love and follow are (more) important. I am deep in the midst of writing the "state of the question" section for my thesis on emerging church ecclesiology and, I must say, the most prominent feature by far is a distinct emphasis on behave AS the mission of God. (more on that when the stress level decreases to a reasonable level)