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“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
[Therefore, go] make disciples of all the nations…”
Matthew 28:18b-19a ESV with modification by lks

Preliminary Notes
  • Consummation of authority: what Jesus’ hearers have pondered is now made complete and clear.
  • Delegated authority: Jesus has authority and he is sending; his follower-learners have a delegated authority.

Lectio Response

This passage comes when I in another state of flux. This flux happens when academic and/or ministerial stress bears down upon me, causing me to reexamine my calling and commitments. Most times the reexamination is internal.

But the fruit of my personal lectio is (by my own decision) a public matter and these responses are crafted as such. So, here I speak as a person in undisclosed flux.

The past few weeks, going through some of the teaching passages in Matthew, have brought to the surface a clear connection between teaching and authority. During his incarnation, Jesus exercised teaching authority delegated to him by his Father. We who are his disciples exercise a teaching authority delegated to us by Jesus. He has delegated authority. He has commanded that we teach.

I am left pondering the place of my flux in such a profound task.


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