Genesis 1:1-5
John 1:1-5

God forbid that theology would be mere words. There are propositional truths that must be spoken and considered and re-crafted culture by culture. But there is more. Behind the words—which are, in fact, more like a child’s finger painting than we care to admit—is the inaccessible reality of God. Who God is in himself is beyond our reach. It slips through our fingers like water. It flows like wind, unseen yet revealed in its effects.

So also is God—the hidden One—revealed in his work. We see him—Father, Son, Spirit—in creation: speaking, being spoken, hovering. We see him—Father, Son, Spirit—in salvation: revealed, revelation, revealer.

Truth is, God is so incredibly vast that anything more than a glimpse of where he has been would likely bring us to dust. Even the glimpse is often more than we are able to grasp or to bear.

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