So, this morning I'm walking the self-imposed mile to campus. It's a slight down hill--easy walk for this portion. Then, not 25 yards into the trip, my toe catches a uneven piece of pavement. Running forward with my body at a near 45-degree angle to the ground--the down hill ground--and a 20 pound (or so) back pack on my back, I realized all hope was lost. The ground rushed up, slammed into my knee and my nose...yes, my nose. Thankfully, it did not hit hard enough to break the nose. It's just bruised and ever so slightly blue. The knee looks much better than it did this morning, though it is swollen and scraped. I'll recover, but I'm thinking that the waking up process tomorrow morning is going to be a bear.

The Nose

The Knee

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  1. sandels or shoes

  2. sandals, but it would not have mattered. i caught the front edge on a one-inch rise in the sidewalk. problem was not lifting feet on ill-maintained walkway.

  3. Ouch!

    I thought it was REALLY bad until I realised the second photo is not your nose!


  4. sorry...I guess I'll label them for clarity.

    Today, the nose is a bit more blue, but the knee is already scabbing a bit (and, yes, I have it covered...). Amazingly, I'm not that sore. Three cheers for walking the daily mile and doing push-ups!

  5. Yikes!

    They ought to move the campus to a different location in order to prevent these things from ever happening again :-)