I think God might be telling me something. This week's topic: the presence of God. Something's happening and I am full of angst (at least) until it is made clear.

On the same topic Mark H says,
there is only one answer: the tangible, manifest, presence of God

We don't need debates. We need His presence. Neither does the unbelieving world need slickly presented church services. They're genuinely hungry and thirsty for His presence too. They'll accept all manner of amateurishness and mess if only the presence of God is tangible. Isn't that what the gospel is all about?

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  1. Lord, thank you for Laura and for all who read her blog. Thank you that you're stirring up within us a renewed passion for your presence, nothing less and nothing more. Thank you that although anything other than YOU is idolatry, that you are so gracious to us and your door is always open. We're sorry for all the things that distract us from hungering after YOU.

    I ask for your tangible, manifest presence and glory in such measure that our worship goes to a whole new level, that our lives are truly transformed, and that we are thoroughly equipped for the amazing times that you have blessed us to live in. We want everything we do to be submitted to you in person, and to be shaped by your presence. We want to be salt and light in the world. But it's your presence that makes the salt salty, and provides oil for the lamp. We're so sorry for trying to flavour our own salt, and for trying to supply our own oil.

    I know you'll do this for us Lord if we're simply sincere. Please come in far greater measure than we've allowed you to so far. We invite you to take us off our map - yours is so much bigger.

  2. Yahweh, thank you that you move and work how you will. Thank you for moving and working in those times when we concentrated so fiercely on our own things that your things were neglected and maybe even cast aside. We are so sorry for all the moments when we trust ourselves more than we trust you. We are so sorry for all those times when we think we know better than you. We are so sorry for all those times when we try to solve things that are not problems--they are sin.

    Yahweh God, grab us by the cheeks and turn our faces toward your face. Oh God, that we may finally realize the knowledge of you goes beyond all possible words.