Amos Ponderings--two

Amos 1:1-2 and hymn fragments (4:13; 5:8-9; 9:5-6)

the thinking
  • Creator
  • Ruler of nations
  • The one with the right to judge
  • Why put the prophecy in the context of Creator God? Why not Savior God or Covenant God?
  • Why such an emphasis on the Name?
  • Why such an emphasis on “of hosts”?

the writing
It amazes me how we can read passages like Amos and still behave like petty little gods, not getting our rightful way. Yes, God created humanity glorious and weighty and amazing. But God created humanity. As glorious as we are, he is always more glorious; he is beyond measure. Add in our rebellious streak—inherited and earned—and we have no right and no room for arrogance. All we have is throwing ourselves into the arms of our Heavenly Daddy, who is the Sovereign Creator of the Universe, and trusting his heart. He has shown us his heart.
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