I'm back in the local mountains this weekend...and probably more snow...yeah! (I'm so happy to live in a place where I can visit the snow, yet not live in it.)

More on Sunday...


Well, very little snow, but gorgeous weather. Perfect for a women's retreat (not that I mind the cold; note this post...especially the sleeping-outside part). We learned about, experienced, and shared about God's extravagant grace using chocolate ( was a women's retreat after all). The multi-sensory experience was quite powerful (though, I did experience a slight overload and will not be wanting chocolate for quite a while).

The most powerful aspect was the multi-layering. We met in general sessions, in "boutiques" (composed of about 20 women), and in grace groups (composed of 4-5 women). We also had one solitary prayer experience. The varying group sizes, the emphasis on interaction gave, and the multi-room condo-style housing provided space for us to be church. Time will reveal the fruit of this past weekend.

I'll post more thought later, after I've pondered more.

You can see some pictures here.

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