Talpiot Tomb--ask questions!!

UPDATE: Additional links added at bottom; Talbot prof, Clint Arnold added

Articles, etc on the alleged "Jesus tomb" over at Faithmaps.

There is no need for Christians to get worked up over this "finding". I echo Darrell Bock,
So no need to yell and scream, just ask good questions. Those who made the special say they want more investigation and seek the truth. Meet the challenge. That is what I say.
Watch Jesus Family Tomb on Discovery, March 4 (9 pm ET/PT) and keep asking good questions.

Additional Resource(s):
"Jesus Family Tomb" Roundup on Emergesque
The Alleged Jesus Family Tomb by Richard Bauckham on Christendom

Clint Arnold, Talbot professor, responds


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  1. Hi Laura, apologies for not commenting on this post... I was looking at the Bedrock Beliefs 'course', and saw that it was open invite, however I'm unable to read the documentation on google docs.

    Is there any way this could be made possible?

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  2. Lee, I took the e-version down for a re-write, but forgot to change the note. Sorry for the confusion.

    The BB posts contain most of the text. You can access them at http://tfbacademy.blogspot.com/search/label/bedrock%20beliefs

  3. James Snapp, Jr.9:37 AM


    In addition to the materials pointing out the flaws in "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," I welcome you to read my own analysis, in which I provide data about the false claim that Mary Magdalene = Mariamne, and about the limitations of the significance of the statistics involved, and other points. It's online at
    www.curtisvillechristian.org/TombOne.html .