HERE I STAND even more...

I'm listening to some mp3s from Fuller's Center for Youth and Family Ministry. Their findings indicate that an emphasizing theological depth and grappling with difficult theological issues are NECESSARY components of ministry.

The decision...
1. to point and keep pointing people to the Word of God which is able to convict and transform,
2. to train them to chew and understand God's Word for themselves, and
3. to equip them to point others to God's Word.

...stands even more firmly. I do realize that there are many biblical scholars who are not good disciples of Jesus. I contend that this is so because they know the bible as an end in itself. The point of bible study is not bible knowledge. The point of bible study is to hear the voice of God and be changed.

Yes, bible study is a lot like school. But we dare not stop there. Yes, the bible is a holy, spiritual book. But we dare not stop there. Intellect, affect, and volition MUST function together. Anything else is insanity.


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