Torrance First Baptist
remembered the sacrifice of Messiah Jesus this past Friday in a Tenebrae Service. A few (albeit fuzzy) pictures are posted my my Flickr page. While it was a ton of work--before, during, and after--it was well worth it. Too often we rush into the celebration of Resurrection without remembering the terrible cost paid by the Son of God.

We started the evening with 45 minutes of prayer and meditation through fourteen meditation stations, three reading stations, and three prayer grottos. At each meditation station, participants read a passage of Scripture, meditated on a question or concept, and placed an object in a small box that they would take home (I'll put a picture of the box and contents up later).

After about 45 minutes, we retreated to the worship center, lit only by candles, and sat in increasing darkness as readers took us through the passion as told in John's gospel snuffing a candle as they finished reading.

Ending at the entombment, we sung Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted (a Capella) and one last reader read Psalm 22 and snuffed out the Christ candle (from the center of the Advent wreath).

We left in silence and darkness.


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  1. Sounds like it was really powerful... I'm sad that I missed it.

  2. It was indeed, though some of the "production crew" distractions made it difficult. I must say, best moments of the evening were in the actual tenebrae service when Mark led us in the hymn then read Psalm 22.