PAGITT and SLICE...a pre-critique

I just listened to the mp3 of Doug's interview with Ingrid. Now, let me say, I do not agree with much of what Doug seems to believe, but... wow... the discussion between Ingrid and Pastor Dewaay was an example of mutual back-slapping. I heard not one constructive criticism. My jaw dropped when they basically compared the emerging church (and Doug?) to Satan ("listen for the hiss").

I used to read Slice. I stopped. Now I remember why I stopped. It is possible to discuss difficult issues and shed light, rather than heat, in the process. Slice, etc, have a history of shedding heat. This is unfortunate, for every permutation of Christianity needs external critique. None of us have it all together. All of us have filters and presuppositions that shape how we think about God and theology. We need to listen to one another, to hear one another's perspective, and to take what we've heard back to the Word and Jesus and make any necessary changes or critiques.

One good thing comes of this: I'm more ready than ever to start my research on the ecclesiology of the emerging church. In this my prayer is to give my conversation partners a fair and accurate hearing, to critique their theology with humility and grace, and to always point to Jesus.

There is a difference between being discerning and being judgmental. Lord, help me not cross that line.

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  1. I couldn't agree more.
    Good things to you.

  2. Thank you and grace to you.