I've been tagged by Mark H, so ...

  1. Jesus is patient with thickheadedness AND names it for what it is. Back when the college group was studying Mark's Gospel, we came up with a name for the Twelve: the Duh-ciples. On nearly every page turn, it seemed that they were not getting what Jesus was up to, yet he kept with them, kept telling them, and kept calling them on their lack of understanding/faith. I am glad for his patience and his naming.
  2. Jesus is truly human. Yes, he is GOD in flesh. But he is God IN FLESH. He shows us what it looks like to be truly and wholly human. He shows us what is beyond our brokenness. He fully relied on the Father and the Spirit and was able to do whatever his Father sent him to do. He shows us that being human is a mix of strength and vulnerability, of withstanding suffering and being honest about the pain.
  3. Jesus likes me. I know he loves me, but that is his job (sort of). But the fact that he wants to hang out with me and hear about my petty amusements and irritations--that is huge. Every time I remember this, I am amazed and happy and blessed.
  4. Jesus called me to work with him as who I am. I am a nerd. I am not fun. I love books and reading and thinking about things that astound and confuse me. Honestly, I can be a bit boring (shocking, isn't it?). Jesus has chosen this particular me, with all my needing-to-be-restored-broken-bits, as his co-worker. Amazing!
  5. Jesus will wrap this puppy up. I look around and see such brokenness. Sometimes I wonder if it will get better, if there will be more love and courage and truthfulness. Sometimes I get discouraged by the sheer dailiness of it all. But I've read the end of the book and I know, love, and trust the one who is the ultimate authority. Here, in the midst of brokenness--my own and the world's--Jesus is working and the Spirit is working. The end of the story is relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. There's nothing better.
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  1. Great list! Thanks for the accepting the tag.

  2. Thank goodness Jesus loves us for who we are. If everyone was like me, everyone would be super hyper and never sit down long enough to really sit and contemplate or deeply think. If everyone was like you, well...everyone may fall asleep? :) However, between the two of us we can have fun and have deep thoughts too!

  3. Well, I finally did it. Took me less than a month! :-P