While my own father died some years ago, I still participate in Dad's Day with Ann's family. This year was bowling. Personally, I don't bowl--I have terrible joints and things like bowling tend to pull the shoulder out of the socket--but I do watch. They played two games. There were a fair number of strikes, a few gutter balls, and some final scores surpassing 150. Bodies were sore at the end. This particular bowling alley has very good food (I had a tapenade burger...yum). We finished off the meal with freshly baked cookies (yes, a bowling alley that bakes cookies:-) and I enjoyed a free half glass of Newcastle Brown Ale. All in all a good day.


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  1. Newcastle Brown in California! One of these weird quirks of globalization, I suppose. Somehow it seems culturally inappropriate. Newcastle Brown should be a secret known only to those who can speak English with a Geordie accent. But according to the Wikipedia article half the output of the brewery goes to the US. And there does not seem to be much Anchor Steam going in the other direction.

  2. Funny. I've seen Newcastle on tap in at least three locations here in California. I had no idea it was a secret :-)!