UPDATE: Please visit tallskinnykiwi for his updated thoughts--he has expanded the positives. Also read the comments there. One of the interviewees has chimed in and provided important insight into their online discussion and the Evangelical (human) tendency to trust the opinions of experts rather than doing original investigation. (I must admit, I have done this all too often.)

Another conservative evangelical discussion about Emerging/Emergent--this time Moody Open Line [mp3].

I wish they--actually "we," being a conservative evangelical myself--would talk to more people, read more blogs and books, and consider our words more carefully before putting them out there in the public in books and on the air. I would say more, but I'm not sure I could follow my own advice. This discussion deserves another listen or two, but I have no time right now, but I do have two questions:
  • The differentiation between "emerging" and "emergent" (emerging is more radical--did I get that right?) is new to me. Is this really out there? If so, how have I missed it?
  • How is it possible that thinking people--and the detractors are thinking people--can continue to paint such a diverse movement (sorry:-) with such a broad brush? Yes, there are commonalities (this is how we know there is such a thing as Emerging/Emergent), but the range of theology and practice is rather astounding. To probably misquote Shakespeare, me thinks the lady doth protest too much.
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  1. theologically speaking, i'd say that emergent is the more liberal of the two. i tend to align with driscoll, who would describe the tension of being theologically conservative and culturally liberal.

  2. i think they got teh emerging and emergent thing totally wrong.

  3. Revolution, I tend to agree. Though even this might be too broad, for there may well be churches and people who belong to emergent cohorts and yet are theologically conservative. It's just not as clear cut as many of the detractors seem to think.

    Andrew, agreed.