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The rating was determined by
  • missionary (8x)
  • death (3x)
  • stab (1x
Dan Kimball's result was similar...makes one wonder what's going on with the perception of mission...

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  1. Computers are realy dumb. Is it anything to do with "missionary position"? Oops! There goes your rating!

  2. What d'ya know? I'm just a PG! Apparently because of two instances of "dangerous" and one of "missionary"! (and gets a "G" thumbs up!)

    The thing came back so quickly, I reckon it only scans your front page and doesn't spider into all your posts - which is a bit dumb when it's rating a blog!

    This has to be the dumbest thing I've encountered for a long time!

  3. Mark,

    Your first assumption is probably right on. As to the second--only scanning the front page--one person changed their settings to show all posts and the rating changed dramatically.

    NOTE: I only put this dumb thing up to clarify is dumbness. I have succeeded!