REFLECTING ON JAMES--decide already!

We're not dealing with magic beans. We're dealing with reality. So, here's the deal:

We can have an extensive biblical and theological knowledge and intense emotional responses to God and his truth, but if we've not decided to trust, then nothing happens. Trust is not a check-box on a decision card or an up-and-down slip of the hand at an evangelistic meeting.

Trust is the long haul. Trust follows God when everything is going swimmingly; it refuses to be distracted or sidetracked by happiness. Trust follows God when everything hits the fan and the bottom drops out; it refuses to be distracted and sidetracked by pain, frustration, anger, or sorrow.

This does not mean we do not feel these things, for we surely do. It means that experiences and emotions are not the basis of our decision to follow. God is the basis of our decision. Knowledge and emotions work with and are interpreted by our decision to trust. Trust becomes the context in which and the means by which we live.

If this is so, then why is it so hard to decide?


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