Bad news: Sunday evening a most unfortunate thing happened. I was happily working on my Gateway laptop (bought much too long ago in laptop years) when it shut off--spontaneously. Repeated attempts to boot-up long enough to run a backup have proven futile. So, I am purchasing a new laptop.

Good news: the thesis is not on the laptop, but is saved on three other drives (yes, wisdom strikes me periodically). Also on another drive are all current school and ministry files.

Mixed news: The new laptop, hopefully ordered today if the website cooperates, is a Dell. I have done well with my Gateway computers, but the company just isn't what it used to be and Ann has an excellent discount. On the other hand, I'll be staying with Windows XP (if my nerd friends don't trust Vista, I don't trust Vista).

So, for a few days, I'll be following a forced evening computer fast.


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  1. It's always a hassle when a pivotal piece of technology dies. Let me know if you need any help setting stuff up (the first thing I like to do when getting a new computer is to reinstall the operating system. This eliminates the Dell-loaded garbage).

  2. I shall indeed be seeking your expertise. Thanks!

    As for Dell-loaded, I opted out of some, so not sure how much will be there--probably too much.