I am completing the final edits and corrections of my ThM thesis this week. I want to be done. Mind you, I have loved the research and writing processes. Editing and correcting, though, are another thing altogether. Today's task is correcting. The evaluation and conclusion of the first draft were a bit--how shall we say--meager, so I'm beefing them up. It's rather like a marathon, but without the handy endorphins. Enough distraction; back to work.


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  1. Well, hang in there - the final hurrah is near. Just today my office mate asked if he should opt for the thesis option in pursuing his master's. I told him no based on the time and effort above and beyond what one extra class would be and due to the fact that he will have plenty of opportunities to write at work and for his dissertation, should he decide to pursue a PhD. I'll add the pain and annoyance of edits and revisions (which usually take as much time as the actual writing, from my experience).

  2. Thanks..I'm hangin', though the distractions are increasing in power. On the other hand, once these particular edits are made, I'll be able to sit with a pile of paper, a pen, and a good cup of coffee--all while listening to lovely birds--and edit under the open sky.

    Good news is, the damage from the comatose computer has been repaired and I've figured out how to do the pesky formatting requirements. Speaking of which, I'm definitely creating a template after this and making it available to whoever.

    Anyhow, enough with distractions. I'm on page 115 of 134--bibliography included. The end of today is in sight, if only the brain holds together.