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(Enough for two layers of each, except Parmesan (3))
Plum Tomatoes, sliced
Ricotta Cheese
Fresh Mozzarella, sliced
Parmesan, sliced
Eggplant, sliced, drained with salt, rinsed, coated in avocado oil
Avocado Oil, to coat Eggplant for frying


Slice eggplant, coat with salt and place on drainer for one hour
Rinse eggplant slices and squeeze out remaining liquid
Coat eggplant slices with avocado oil and let rest
Slice tomatoes and mozzarella
Fry coated eggplant slices in avocado oil until golden brown and cooked through
Assemble layers in the following sequence:
  1. tomato
  2. ricotta
  3. mozzarella
  4. eggplant
  5. parmesan
  6. ricotta
  7. parmesan
  8. eggplant
  9. mozzarella
  10. ricotta
  11. tomato
Drizzle avocado oil over top and smooth onto tomatoes
Bake at 400 until it begins to bubble, then lower to 325
Cook until done

Herbs and spices were left out of this version, so that I could test the flavor profile.

What I Would Change
  • Dry the tomatoes a bit in the oven, to reduce the water content and intensify the flavor.
  • Shred the parmesan.
  • The mozzarella came out a bit chewy; not sure what to do here, for the flavor is a must for me.
  • Add herbs, though not sure which yet. The mixture was very good on its own and does not need much.
  • Do a better job draining the eggplant--use finer salt, at the least--to get more liquid out. It was a bit soggy and rubbery the next day. Also, consider chunking over slicing. Maybe bread the eggplant first--not sure in what.

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