It's almost official. Unless something horrible happens, I shall have earned a Master of Theology by the evening of May 23, 2008.

I have learned much from many great people:

TTCE724, Adv Methods of Ed Instruction, Shelly Cunningham
TTTH806, Theo Sem:Contemporary Theology, Jason McMartin
TTNT890, Adv.NT Sem: Church as Family, Joe Hellerman
TTTH891m Research Seminar, Moyer Hubbard
ISCL793, AR:IS/Missiology of Newbigin, Tom Steffen
TTTH806, Theo Sem: Theo of Matthew, Mike Wilkins
TTHE891, Thesis First Draft/TH.M., Robert Saucy
TTTH806, TheoSem: Gender Theo Life& Min, Robert Saucy and Judy TenElshof
TTHE892, Thesis Final Draft/TH.M., Robert Saucy
TTTH827, The Doctrine of the Kingdom, Mark Saucy

Last Thursday, I took part one of my comprehensive examination.

I just returned from walking my child--my Th.M. thesis titled, AN ARTICULATION AND EVALUATION OF AN EMERGING CHURCH ECCLESIOLOGY--over to Biola's fabulous dup center.

Later today I will be ordering tickets for the May 22 Baccalaureate.

Next Tuesday, I will turn in the last class paper for my Th.M.--TOGETHER IN THE ALREADY: THE KINGDOM IN FRANK VIOLA’S ORGANIC CHURCH ECCLESIOLOGY.

Next Wednesday, I will be taking part two of my comprehensive examination.

Next week, as soon as possible, I will begin reading a relaxing book--maybe Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, but who knows...


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