UNPACKING THE DANCE--after Jones: Beliefs, Desires, Practices, and the Ends of Theological Education

  • What does it look like to integrate formation beyond mere homework assignments?
  • In a university-based seminary setting, what can the seminary do to positively influence undergraduate and other graduate schools without causing offense?
  • Given that seminary is higher education, how does study influence affections and behavior? How might this influence be leveraged to produce better Christian leaders?
  • What does a church-based academy look like? Who are its teachers? What is the relationship with the seminary? What forms of governance would function most effectively? What sorts of subjects would be taught? Might this be combined with a Christian college preparatory academy?
  • In seminary, how might various teaching/learning methodologies be leveraged to prioritize formation over information-transfer?
  • What might educational psychology bring to the table?

Added ideas drawn from:
"Beliefs, Desires, Practices, and the Ends of Theological Education"
by L. Gregory Jones
in Practicing Theology
Ed. by Miroslav Volf and Dorothy C. Bass


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