Updated 7/26 with week's feedback

Foodpairing is one of my new favorite sites. This week, I've used their charts for bell pepper and banana to plan my work breakfasts and lunches. On the menu are
  • Turnip, papaya, plum, and blueberry puree flavored with a bit of star anise, seasoned with kosher salt and a bit of sugar--FEEDBACK: this was a bit too watery and a tad bland (odd, given the ingredients)
  • Cannellini beans with roasted red and yellow bell peppers, papaya, and plum, seasoned with a bit of gray salt--FEEDBACK: this was amazing; the only thing I'd change is maybe--maybe--a bit more salt
  • Fruit salad with fig, cherry tomato, and blueberry with a touch of sugar to release the juice and a chopped banana mixed in at the last minute--FEEDBACK: just slightly under amazing; I think it would have been better if the tomatoes had been roasted
Someone with a trained palate would have a field day. Not being trained, I'm sure some of my attempts will be...um...marginal. But I'm very willing to give it a whirl.

Here's part of the explanation from their About page:
A list was made of 250 food products each with their major flavour components. By comparing the flavour of each food product eg strawberry with the rest of the food and their flavours, new combinations like strawberry with peas can be made. The way to use is, is just to select a food product like strawberries. You will get a plot where you have strawberry in the middle surrounded by other food products. Take one of those other food products and try to make a new recipe by combining those two. The more flavours food products have in common the shorter the distance between the food products.


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