FOODPAIRING--peas and crab

Key Ingredients: Peas and Crab
  • Crab Salad: crab, mango, kelp, and black beans FEEDBACK: while the canned crab was a terrible choice, the combination was good. It was in need of seasoning. I ended up pouring the leftover juice from the Citrus Toss.
  • Citrus Toss: orange, grapefruit, strawberries, and green grapes in a sauce of reduced sun-dried tomato water, balsamic, honey, and zest FEEDBACK: this was amazing. the first day, I actually stopped after the first bite in awe. This sauce will be on the menu again...maybe on vanilla ice cream.
  • Slaw with Peas: red cabbage, european cucumber, and peas in balsamic and honey FEEDBACK: apparently slaw is not my forte (or I had no idea how to make it). By the end of the week, after adding more balsamic and some honey, it was fair. Needs work.


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