Key Ingredient: Banana
  • Green Banana and Wild Rice: lightly sauteed green banana rounds; added rehydrated, coarse-chopped crimini mushroom; thawed artichoke hearts; and wild rice. Spiced with black pepper and Smoked Hungarian Paprika. FEEDBACK: This was good. All the flavors came through. The only issue is that it could use a bit more zip. I added some lime juice and that helped a bit, but something else is missing.
  • Banana and Blueberry Fruit Toss: Ripe bananas, frozen blueberries, and frozen wild blueberries in a concentrated cinnamon infusion. FEEDBACK: Flavor was good; texture was a bit off--it created some odd banana mush.
  • Dried Fruit in Creamed Banana-Basil: Dried apricot, black currants, and mission figs, stewed in rehydrated dried banana and fresh basil, blended into a cream. FEEDBACK: Very good and extremely filling. I actually had left over for the freezer on this one.
  • Snack: Plantain chips

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