Key ingredient: Camembert
  • Fruit Toss: Granny Smith Apples, English Cucumber, Honey. The apples were lightly sauteed in olive oil. The cucumbers were warmed in juice from the cooked apples and a bit of honey. Then the two were mixed and refrigerated. FEEDBACK: "Pickling" the cukes in juice from the apples was a great idea. Mixing cukes and apples, not so much.
  • Camembert Licorice: Young & Smylie traditional black licorice was melted in water and then mixed with a touch of heavy cream. One-quarter cup of Camembert was melted into the licorice. The mixture was spooned into a silicone form and chilled in the freezer until hardened. FEEDBACK: Very tasty, but not hard enough. They had to stay in the freezer. Still, a good candy idea.
  • Pasta: Camembert, smoked herring, white corn, mango, and mango-Coors sauce. Cooked tortelli was tossed with crumbled smoked herring. The one cup of white corn and one-quater cup of mango were sauteed in olive oil and then one-third cup of Camembert was melted in. When the cheese was fully combined, the pasta and herring were added and tossed. Nine ounces of Coors was reduced to one-half cup; one-quarter cup of mango was added and the mixture was heated to a boil. After simmering for about five minutes, the mixture was allowed to cool a bit and then the mango was blended into the Coors redux. The mixture was poured over the pasta mixture. FEEDBACK: Good. The mango-Coors sauce worked well. All the flavors blended. I have learned, though, that meat--and especially fish--is a bad idea for my lunches. It makes me feel bad (though not sure why).
  • Corn and Sauerkraut: white corn, crispy sauerkraut, three-ounces Coors, Camembert. Corn, sauerkraut and Coors were cooked to a boil. Camembert chunks were added and stirred until melted. FEEDBACK: Very good the first day and went downhill after that. It became to much for lunch. Still, cooking the kraut in Coors definitely worked.

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