Key Ingredient: Grapes
  • Cucumber-Grape Pickles: Slice an English cucumber, halve green seedless grapes; combine and bring to a boil the juice of three lemons, zest of three lemons, and ground coriander; mix kosher salt into liquid; pour hot liquid over cucumbers and grapes. FEEDBACK this was quite good, though could have used a bit more lemon juice.
  • Grape and Tomato Vege Toss: Mix halved seedless grapes, heirloom tomatoes cut to half inch chunks, medium diced orange bell pepper, and inch long cut snow peas; heat over low flame mushroom oil and ground pepper; pour slightly cooled strained oil over vegetables and toss well to mix. FEEDBACK amazing; the grapes went very well with the veges and the mushroom oil was the topper.
  • Grape and Orange Fruit Toss: Mix halved grapes, oranges cut to half inch chunks, and mixed berries; boil and reduce juice of two lemons, star anise, zest of two lemons, and honey; pour hot mixture over fruit and toss. FEEDBACK the star anise did not come through as well as I would have liked, still a good mix.
  • Matcha, Basil, and Cardamom Cooler: Pour boiling water over matcha powder and ground cardamom, let steep and cool; add fresh basil, blend; strain and cool. FEEDBACK just plain wow.


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