What do you do when you've really blown it?

Crossway.blog » Whiter Than Snow, a Preview with Paul Tripp

Last night at TNBS, we cracked our hearts a bit--not much, just a bit. Still, the crack is significant and the corporate leaning toward holy dissatisfaction is palpable. We spend our lives filling our hearts with evil and good, with holy and profane, and each day of our lives, usually in imperceptible ways, the contents of our hearts leak out. Trying to fix ourselves does not work; we've tried. What does work? That's where we're headed, even if in stumbling steps.

Funny how when such things happen, your mind becomes attuned to the subject of your pondering and you see it all around. The book linked above, and the video on the post, are one such recognition.

I just ordered the book. Maybe you should, too.

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