1. Walk as you were taught, 6-7.
  2. Guard against false teaching, 8-15.
  3. Stand firm for truth, 16-19.
  4. Know that false teaching is useless, 20-23.
  5. Why?
  • full deity of Christ, 7
  • fullness of Christ in us, 10
  • full transformation in him, 11-12
  • full life with him by God, 13-15
  • dead to the elemental spirits, 20

We can try hard and excel at self-control, but it does not work. All the emotional, physical, and intellectual self-flagellation in the world, practiced to consistent perfection, cannot remove the sickness unto death. Only Christ can do that and faith in him is the only part we play. Now, this faith is expressed emotionally, physically, and intellectually, but it is not the faith that accomplishes the end. Christ accomplishes--or rather, has accomplished--the end. We must not get sucked into any notion that we ahve the capacity for self-cleansing, self-repair, or self-resurrection. If we had such capacities, we would not need Jesus.

We desperately need Jesus.


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