Let us suppose a particular gathering of self-proclaimed Christ-followers has an illness. The diagnosis, received and agreed upon, is that, as a community, they do not love God and do not obey him.

What might be the prescription for this illness? If our knowing really is a synthesis of thinking, feeling, and behaving, then communal spiritual health can be encouraged by adjustments in one or more of these three. The question is, which particular combination is most effective, given this particular community and situation.

If the above knowing is holistic knowing-in-relationship, then knowing God person-to-person is a major piece of the prescription. Further, this knowledge of God would need to be the sort that shakes persons out of their assumptions, causes some cognitive dissonance, and makes likely a correction of thinking, feeling, and behaving toward and about God.

My initial thought--in consultation with others--leans strongly toward glory, grace, justice, and love.

I gratefully accept discussion, critiques, and suggestions.

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