IN THE MEANTIME...wait and work

Yesterday, I turned in the last piece of my application for the PhD program of Talbot School of Theology. It is now out of my hands. In the meantime, I wait and work. I wait for an answer. Talbot is, at this moment, my first and only choice. The program itself--Educational Studies--and, even more critical, its setting at Biola, make this program optimal. Other bridges will be crossed when and if they present themselves. For now, I wait.

I also work. A big part of my research intent is based on a theological framework for education-formation drawn from Ephesians 4:7, 11-16. I've yet to fully formulate the framework--something that must be completed and hopefully published before next August. So for now, I work, studying and writing, studying and writing.

A few bits of this blog (and that one) reveal pieces of my thought process. Here on LW, the Spiritual Formation Experiment carries my ponderings on ecclesial connections and functioning persons (Eph 4:16). Over on WITWAW, the topic of ecclesiology is generally explored.

I welcome readers (even lurkers), but I covet conversation partners. Dear readers, you are welcome to be either.


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