Back in 1995, God changed my plans. I had been accepted into the degree completion program at Pacific Christian College (now Hope International University). I knew where I was going and what would happen. Then life changed.

I was laid off at work and was unable to attend school. Later than same year, I was walking through the exhibit hall at CMTA and happened across the Biola University BOLD booth. Ann convinced me to pickup a packet.

Now, thirteen years later, I have not only completed my bachelors degree, but have also earned a Master of Divinity (Christian Education) and a Master of Theology (Systematic Theology). I am currently awaiting news on my Doctor of Philosophy (Educational Studies) application.

God used a sharp turn in the road (which included a few tears, let me tell you) to get my attention, to show me he has plans for me, and to draw my trust.

Thanks God.


  1. It's good to have plans. It's better to not hold to them too tightly. Rarely does anyone end up doing exactly what he or she thought God was calling them to do. Those original ideas are perhaps at times just a part of the testing, discerning, and training process. Even if you get the PhD the chances are that you'll end up not using it in exactly the way you're currently envisioning things. Who knows, you could end up on Guam. :-)

  2. Having had my fingers pried open a number of times, I have learned to hold my plans in open hands (at least most of the time).

    As for the PhD, despite the 700+ word Vocational Objectives Essay, my answer to the "What do you want to do?" questions remains, "I'm not sure yet."

    Thanks for the life-tested wisdom.