Rev 1. Feedback added, 12/11
  • Oat and egg white muffins, seasoned with black pepper FEEDBACK: These were amazingly good and simple; I'm thinking of making them a bit more fabulous by cooking the oats in beef stock, using a few egg yolks for some richness, and adding some home made NF cheese bits
  • Mixed berries cooked with chardonnay, black pepper, and molasses; served with homemade NF lemon zest cheese FEEDBACK: downright yummy. The cheese came out (texture wise) a bit like Parmesan; I'll be making this one again
  • Salad of red leaf lettuce, gala apples, and celery, served with rice vinegar and olive oil FEEDBACK: good stuff, though after day one, I gave up on the rice vinegar and olive oil (a bit to bland).
  • Pasta with wild salmon and garbanzo beans, cooked in lemon whey and seafood stock FEEDBACK: So, I'll highly recommend cooking pasta in whey and stock--very rich, yet simple. Since I've decided to keep making the cheese, this looks like a staple--though I'm not doing pasta in future, so not sure what to cook in the whey.
  • Spinach and egg white "muffins" FEEDBACK: They did not hold together as I'd hoped, but were quite tasty. I need to work on mechanics.

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