I am certain that God's goodness and kindness
will chase after me every day of my life
and I will dwell in God's dwelling place--
his presence in worship--
for length of days.
Psalm 23:6 (LKS paraphrase)

Two bits struck me in this verse. First, before yesterday I'd never looked up the Hebrew term translated "follow" (radaph). I had always envisioned it as a casual, yet persistent, presence. But the term carries the meaning "pursue, chase after." God's goodness and kindness are not merely present; they are relentless, pursuing me even into places where I should not be.

Am I truly certain of that God's goodness and kindness pursue me?

Second, while some see 6b as referring to heaven, the term translated "house" (bayith) is never used this way; rather, it refers to the temple: the place of "God with us" and the place where the people of God worship. In the New Testament context (in which we live), Jesus (and his Spirit) is God with Us and the gathering of persons, called Church--his Body, is the place of worship.

So, what does it mean to dwell in Jesus and his Body for length of days?


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