SOAKING and CHEWING--getting the Bible into the heart and out into life

For the next three Tuesdays, TNBS is taking a short break from Isaiah* to look at five spiritual disciplines: bible reading, bible reflection, prayer, giving, and solitude. Tonight we look at bible reading and bible reflection. Sanctify--the ministry of which TNBS is a part--has looked at bible reflection (see Bible Chewing and Beyond here and here), but we're taking a second look in order to prepare a series of seminars for TFB.

Key Ideas

On to Nehemiah 8. The chapter is divided into two sections, signaled by time references [when the seventh month had come (7:73)...on the second day (8:13)]. The first part (8:1-12) focuses on large chunk reading of Scripture in a very large group and the second part (13-18) on smaller chunk study in a much smaller group.

Spiritual Formation Questions
  • What is your current balance of large chunk reading and large chunk study of Scripture?
  • How is TNBS working to help us understand Scripture?
  • What should change?
* We are taking a break from Isaiah in order to devote an unbroken series of weeks to Isaiah 24-27.


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