The Local Church is...

…a community “of professing believers in Jesus Christ who have been baptized, practice the Lord’s Supper, and organize to do God’s will.”
- Horrell, p64

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  1. It's strange that a DTS professor wouldn't say something about hearing God's Word. Of course the quote is out of context but it appears to be a definition of sorts. Perhaps (and I show my own theological hand), "The local church is a community of professing followers of Christ Jesus who live out their baptism by sharing the Lord's Supper together, listen together to hear God's Word, and then respond by organizing to live it out together."

  2. Good catch; it is his definition of
    "local church" and does lack a direct reference to the Word, but do not fear: Horrell considers learning (by which he refers primarily to the Word) one of the four functions comprising the work of God (along with worship, fellowship, and evangelism/mission). Personally, I would have highlighted Word in the definition as well.

    Given its size (a mere 112 pages), it's jam-packed with just the sort of ecclesiology a church planter or reformer needs. I just finished the read today and plan to reflect on it tomorrow.