Why does it seem God is mean to some and nice to others?

Relationship with God determines the nature of one’s experience of God’s justice.

Those who trust experience bounty, while those who refuse to trust experience wrath.


NOTE: slight title change 2/13/09


  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Is God mean?

  2. Oops, I was trying my OpenID again - TypePad said they had fixed some things.

    But I still have the question:

    Is God mean?

  3. From my perspective, no, but then, I trust him. Having been in a multi-year conversation with a struggling agnostic theist/new Christian, I can tell you some do think he is mean (especially "the God of the OT") and our answers to their questions are often inadequate.

    I am in the midst of working through some of the questions raised by my friend.

    How might we explain God's sovereign justice against his enemies to one whose trust in him is wavering at best?