"The equations and predictions of the science, super-accurate though they are, offer us only a glimpse behind that veil." -bbc

We see what we expect:
Atheist sees pointlessness,
Skeptic, questions,
Platonist, eternal universals,
Believer, an orderly God,
Pantheist, a divine universe.

What is the truth?

What do you get if you divide science by God?

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  1. I agree with the Believer. The predictive accuracy of unpredictable quantum particles reveals a deep orderliness built into the fiber of the universe. Human intuition expects this orderliness; creaturely behavior reflects it; systems display it. This seems to force a conclusion: either the substance of the universe is divine (a la Swimme) or a divine person (a la Polkinghorne) orders the universe. As a human person who sees and expects this order, I go with Polkinghorne and hold to a divine person: God.