“If science is a way of uncovering the details of God’s creation, then it may actually be a form of worship.” - Collins

“Together, in a loving and worshipful attitude, we could formulate a new and wondrous natural theology. This kind of theology celebrates God as the creator, embraces His majestic universe from the far-flung galaxies to the “fearfully and wonderfully made” nature of humanity, and accepts and incorporates the marvelous things that God has given us the chance to discover through science.”

Norton Lectures are a series of lectures on “Science and Philosophy in their Relations to Religion”

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  1. I do believe that the complexities of life that science has revealed, and the amazing order of it all definitely does lend itself as something that was designed. Every design must have a designer. In this sense, science does a magnificent job with implicating a creator.

    The tricky part comes when what science unravels, yields inconsistent with explanations for creation that are given in the Bible thus causing confusion and even division. This is most problematic when certain Biblical accounts for creation and other supernatural events are taken literally which many feel is the correct way to interpret them, understandably. If I were a Bible believing Christian, I would hope that the book of Genesis is as accurate as the book of Revelation.