Perceptions are difficult to change, but they can change.

More on worldview:
“…their nonChristian presuppositions affect how they view the world…we can challenge these presuppositions…on the basis of evidence that supports a contrary worldview…”
The Power of Presupposition: Wayne Shorter or Andrew Hill?
Douglas Groothuis

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  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I just saw your posts from a while ago on J.p. Moreland and the utterly BIZARRE accusations made by Lighthouse Trails against him and Biola.

    Excellent. You might appreciate a post I just made at about this kind of thing that is going on.

    Enjoy and blessings to you.

    peace in Him,

    Richard Abanes

  2. Richard,

    Lighthouse Trails Research is a source of many "interesting" critiques.

    Thanks for the link to your article; I'll take a look.

  3. Richard, I read your article. This is certainly a disturbing trend and I do agree with your assessment that many of these divisive groups are at least psychological cults and possibly becoming theological ones. Diligence is required from us.