Manilla Mango and Sweet Limes

  • Pucks: stepping away from the usual pucks, legumes are out and coconut flour is in; these are seasoned with sweet lime juice and zest and red jalapeno
  • Savory: layer 1--browned Brussels sprouts, with manila mango-honey-sweet lime glaze; layer 2--onion strings, sweat in marinating liquid and olive oil; layer 3--stew beef, marinated in sweet lime, onion, jalapeno, and olive oil, and stewed in its own juice
  • Salsa: orange bell pepper, mango, sweet lime juice, and red jalapeno
  • Salad: diced celery, broccoli, and orange bell pepper, in a dressing of pureed mango, lime, red jalapeno, and olive oil, with flaked salmon
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